Hyrule Warrios

Whether you love or hate DLC, it’s fast approaching the latest Wii U release, Hyrule Warriors. But seriously, with Koei Tecmo’s history were, you expecting anything less?

With this in mind, a Koei Tecmo live stream at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show has revealed a new batch of playable characters are on their way to Hyrule Warriors, along with additional content including new costumes, weapons, scenarios, maps, modes – and even the ability to turn certain cut scenes on and off during battle.

The fresh content listed includes the Master Quest – Hyrule Warriors Pack, the Twilight Princess Pack, the Majora’s Mask Pack, and the Ganon Pack. The DLC onslaught for the Zelda fanfare will start on the 30th of September and run through to February next year.

September will see the release of the three playable villains – Cia, Wizzro and Volga, which will be followed by the Hyrule Warriors Master Quest on the 16th of October for 1200 Yen. This pack includes one new weapon, a new scenario, adventure map, and two new costumes. The Twilight Princess Pack will unlock in November for the same price, and include one new character, one new weapon, an adventure map, and two new costumes. And in 2015, the Majora’s Mask Pack will arrive for 1200 Yen with two new characters, an adventure map, and three new costumes, and finally – in February, the Ganon Pack – including two new game modes – will be released for 500 Yen.

It’ll cost warriors a total of 3000 Yen for all packs if they preorder the DLC, and as a bonus, they’ll also receive a Dark Link costume. The DLC and 1.3.0 update combined are reportedly 1GB in size.

Take a look at the trailer below and let us know what you think about these latest digital offerings for Hyrule Warriors – and how this type of support for Nintendo titles influences your own decisions when it comes to purchasing a game – be it a good or bad.

[source gonintendo.com, via neogaf.com]