Guacamelee STCE Character Art

We're big fans of Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition here at Nintendo Life, awarding the colourful action-platformer Metroidvania adventure 9/10 in our review. A major part of the appeal with the Wii U eShop title is that even when the adventure is defeated there's more to do, with additional challenges and new abilities making 100% completion a tantalising possibility.

Yet, there's more even when you reach 100%. The developer has been teasing the fact there's a room to take the completion percentage to 101%, and has told our colleagues at sister-site Pure Xbox that it's a "Super Secret Meme Room", with the back story behind this area below.

Since the release of the original Guacamelee!, there had been some discussions online about all of the game references and internet meme references in the town areas of the game. They were a fun inclusion that started off as background dressing; a way for members of the team (mostly the Art Director, Stephane Goulet — who did an awesome job on all of them) to inject of little bit of themselves into the game's world. We never intended for them to become as much of a focal point of discussions as they had become.

Feedback was pretty universal: people loved the game references throughout, but weren't so keen on the internet-born memes. So, during the development of Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, while doing a graphical polish pass on the environment, we decided that we'd take the memes out.

It wasn't until late in development of STCE, when Steph, the Art Director and Jason, the Level Designer hatched a plan. The memes would live on... and then some. They built a secret room, full of memes (and powered by a script called: "LaserLightShow"). There's a unique chest in the room, containing a special reward for players that can find the elusive "meme room".

This room is apparently only available in the STCE edition and requires the Goat Fly ability — assuming this isn't an elaborate prank. Pure Xbox does have a screen of the mystery room, so hit up the link below to check that out; we're passing the spoiler buck on.

Have you hit 101% completion in Guacamelee: STCE? Will it drive you crazy until you do? Let us know.