Visual Enhancements Keflings

We might not have heard about A World of Keflings since the start of this year, but the folks at NinjaBee Games have recently reassured Wii U owners via their official Twitter page that the eShop title is indeed on its way to Nintendo’s latest home console.

In addition to the news, Keflings is currently making its way through the final rounds of approval at Nintendo – with a “potential release super soon” – NinjaBee thought it was an appropriate time to reveal some unique features of the Wii U version of the game.

The GamePad map will make it easier to navigate the game’s environments, providing a clearer way of finding buildings, quests, and most importantly – Keflings! GamePad support will also allow for remote access to workshops, and the ability to track information of individual Keflings such as their jobs and skills.

And probably best of all, there’ll be visual enhancements to the Wii U version of the game, along with news that Wii U owners will receive some extra love, in the form of all three DLC kingdom packs.

Keflings Wii U 1

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Thanks to Rick for the heads up