Azure Striker Gunvolt

It's of little surprise that there's some excitement around upcoming 3DS eShop release Azure Striker Gunvolt, as it's a retro-style 2D action title from the developers that are also working on Mighty No. 9; a certain Keiji Inafune has been involved in the project, too.

After previously announcing a Japanese release date and promising that the North American version wasn't far behind, Inti Creates has today provided some exciting news. First of all, this will arrive in North America on 29th August for $14.99.

There's some good news for European gamers, too, as the studio has confirmed that a European release is in the works, even though no release window is being given quite yet.

Are you looking forward to playing this in two week's time, North American gamers? Are you in Europe and simply relieved that it's coming to the region? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to Max Criden for the tip.