Zacisa Last Stand

ZaciSa's Last Stand is the début release from ZeNfA Productions, which was founded by Greg Wiggleton; it's the latest in the range of budget releases arriving on the Wii U eShop courtesy of the Nintendo Web Framework support. That platform has opened the door for projects and game engines utilising code such as HTML5 and Javascript, gradually bringing us more content as a result.

This one has seen its original release plans slide from December / January to February and beyond, though the developer has now confirmed that it'll arrive on the eShop in North America on 3rd July with a price of $2.99. It's 2D tower defence in space, in which you deploy bots to preserve your base.

As for Europe, it's currently pegged as "coming soon" to the region, and the developer has previously spoken about free updates and content for the future. You can see a trailer below, so is this on your radar for next week in North America?