Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has had to take it easy lately after a recent surgery to remove a growth from his bile duct. Twitter users have been taking to the feeds to wish the Nintendo head the best as he recovers but, as this is Twitter, they've been doing so by honoring Iwata's iconic, fruit-based pose.

The #BananasForIwata hashtag got started on Tuesday with Dakko Dakko's Rhrodri Broadbent, creator of Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails leading the way.

Since then, others have added their bananas to the pile. Some are triumphant!

Some are not quite as triumphant but still try just as hard as the others.

Some are vibrant.

And of course we had to phone in our own contribution.

You can see more #BananasForIwata as they ripen on the Twitter tree by clicking here. Please feel free to share your favourite finds and your own shots below.