Miyamoto Star Fox

The reveal of Star Fox for Wii U has been a relatively extraordinary occurrence so far at E3, as it was inadvertently leaked by TIME and then, peculiarly, not considered ready for demonstration in the Nintendo Treehouse broadcast. As a result, there's no useful footage — the screen was blurred in a brief cameo — and a limited amount of information, though the details from the original interview hint at an intriguing, GamePad-driven concept that may even be split into small 'TV series'-style releases.

Beyond the details from that original article, The Guardian has confirmed that it was also in attendance at the pre-E3 invite-only demonstration. The newspaper's Steve Boxer said the following when trying out the GamePad-controlled flying, which uses motion for aiming and analogue sticks for other manoeuvres — "Miyamoto’s system worked beautifully when we tried it."

There are some other snippets of information around the demo that was shown, fleshing out names and details on three modes that were shown.

The first, called Arwing, is classic Star Fox, and consists of an open-sky dogfight against many enemies; you can also land and transform into a tank. The second mode, Vs Wolf, is similar, but pits players against series rival Wolf O'Donnell, flying a similar ship to yours. The third, called City, put you in a helicopter flying over an urban landscape, with the GamePad screen showing a top-down view of what's below.

This gives a little extra context to the descriptions from the original reveal, and there's also the fact that Shigeru Miyamoto has advised that Nintendo may "enlist an outsider developer" in order to secure a release in 2015.

Are you excited by the details surround Star Fox for Wii U? What do you think of these modes? Let us know.

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