Bpy Ec Be IMAAz QOj

As a surprise announcement slipped in between the vast Hyrule Warriors and the mighty Xenoblade Chronicles X during today's Digital Event, Nintendo showed us a glimpse at Kirby's next outing set to take place on Wii U. Stylus at the ready!

Following Yoshi's Woolly trend of creative new art styles, the adventure seems to be set in a world made out of clay with a crisp, stop-motion feel to the action. Its gameplay will look familiar to anyone who played Canvas Curse on DS, as the GamePad touchscreen is similarly used to draw a path for Kirby to follow through the level.

Kirby gets around by rolling and dashing along the paths drawn out by the player, allowing for momentum to build through clever placement of ramps and by utilizing the environment. As well as that, transformations seem to be making their return as well, with submarine, rocket, and tank forms are all featured in the trailer.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is without a release window at time of writing, but you can check out the gorgeous trailer below to get a quick burst of colour right now.