With a Western release confirmed for 26th September, Hyrule Warriors is likely to be on plenty of Wii U owners' radars. The mashup of Tecmo Koei's Dynasty Warriors with Nintendo's iconic franchise is fairly close, then, and is creating plenty of buzz with the sheer range of playable characters and the level of fan-service on offer.

That fan-service doesn't extend to the infamous Zelda timeline, however, as series producer Eiji Aonuma has admitted to Game Informer. That said, his explanation for the title's 'place' is a lot of fun.

Within the Zelda canon, there is the timeline, but there has always been the sense of the main story and kind of a side story. Like, Majora's Mask might be considered part of that, though it does exist as part of the timeline. With Hyrule Warriors, there is a link between the two, but it exists as a separate dimension, so it doesn't exist as part of the main canon. Lately I have been thinking of it similar to The Avengers.

Each of the characters has their own timeline, so there shouldn't be any crossover there, but maybe they've been brought together as part of that story?

...Maybe if you force it in somewhere, but that's not something we want to do. The universe of Hyrule Warriors really is sort of a different universe and it is connected to the timeline of the Zelda series, but it is connected to several different games throughout the series. If you try and force this into it here [Aonuma places his hands in the air indicating different levels of the timeline], then…that information might not be complete. We really don't want to put it in the timeline because it has links to the different parts of the timeline.

The idea of The Legend of Zelda franchise as an Avengers-style adventure may just make this game that bit more desirable. As for you timeline fanatics, you'll have to argue this one over without any official endorsement from Aonuma-san.