Nintendo of Europe has corrected the dates from the original announcement below. To qualify Kirby: Triple Deluxe must be downloaded by 12th June following its release, and the Dream Land 2 code must then be redeemed by 13th July.

Original Article:

With Kirby: Triple Deluxe around the corner in Europe — it's already out in North America — Nintendo has announced a deal for the region to tempt gamers to go for the download version. Those that buy the new title on the eShop between 16th May and 13th July can get a free copy of Game Boy title Kirby's Dream Land 2, which is currently available on the 3DS Virtual Console.


We were big fans of the Game Boy release in our Kirby's Dream Land 2 review, in which Kirby even gets to ride on some animal buddies. While it may be possible to find Triple Deluxe for cheaper in stores or online when it arrives in Europe, the convenience of having it on the system and getting a retro freebie may tempt some.

Is this an offer any of you Europeans are thinking of taking up?