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Expos and conventions are certainly a major part of any gaming year, whether public events that allow gamers to try new games or industry-based alternatives that allow developers, publishers and platform holders to forge relationships. In an increasingly connected world, however, not all of these events necessarily need a venue hall in which to take place.

Randy Freer of HullBreach Studios — who we previously interviewed regarding his team's HullBreach Uncloaked project — has been in touch to provide an early heads up on a planned online convention / expo centred around eShop developers. With a focus on Wii U initially, there are plans for gamers, media and developers to meet online at a specified time of the year for a series of reveals, announcements and Q & A sessions. This is only in the very earliest stages of planning, though Freer wanted to announce the intention of organising this event and point gamers to the Nintendo Indy Family Twitter account, a hub for the potential grouping and collaboration of download developers that has just been launched; an official website is in development.

With resources such as social networks, Ustream and — particularly — Twitch, it's certainly not infeasible to run a convention using web-cams and live feeds, which is arguably little different to the interactions of live charity game streams, for example.

Would you be interested in participating in an online Nintendo Indy convention? Share your thoughts below.