Science ASAP

There are still a number of people — even in the current-day when gaming is more mainstream and popular than ever — that try to say no good can come of playing video games. While those that use the hobby for enjoyment and relaxation, in moderation, can disagree until the end of days, it can be a tricky sell to those that dislike the core idea itself.

We know, of course, that gaming can be a power for good, whether it's simply through helping us to enjoy some downtime or actually benefiting gamers in terms of their education, fitness and reflexes. In fact, academic studies — some of which we've reported — have looked into the varied ways in which different kinds of games can help different age groups, as well as those with physical or mental challenges to overcome.

If you want a concise summary of why video games can be good for you, we'd certainly suggest checking out the video below; it cites some of the aforementioned studies, including one from last year that showed how Super Mario 64 can help to increase brain matter. It's by YouTube channel ASAPScience and was actually posted a couple of months ago, but came to our attention through this week's episode of BBC technology show Click.

Check it out and let us know what you think.