Watch Dogs HD2

Ubisoft's bold new IP, Watch_Dogs, is having a tricky route to release. Originally planned to make a splash in 2013, development progress appeared to slow down — playable demos weren't appearing as we'd expect at gaming events and expos — and the title was pushed back to allow extra development time.

There was concern just recently that the Wii U version, meanwhile, would be canned, with Ubisoft refusing to comment when GameStop dropped pre-orders in U.S. and Italy; despite Ubisoft's odd lack of denial, that turned out to be a false alarm. Yet more controversy surrounded the game when there was a bit of excitement over one trademark being dropped, though that also came to nothing. The pre-release build up has hardly enjoyed a smooth ride, then, but some actual black and white text appears to confirm that, despite panic on the web, Watch_Dogs is still very much planned for Wii U.

As reported by Eurogamer, Ubisoft has issued a schedule of upcoming releases — in all likelihood as preparation for its Q3 financial reports on 10th February — that lists Watch_Dogs for Spring this year in the next financial year, which means after 1st April. Most importantly the Wii U is listed alongside all of the other confirmed platforms.

So that's nice confirmation until the next bout of confusion, at least. It seems highly unlikely that the Wii U project will be dropped this late in the game with such a long-term, high-investment project, but the world of video games can be rather unpredictable.

Are you still excited about playing Watch_Dogs on Wii U?