MBlove Wii U

In the continuing trend of download developers showing enthusiasm for the Wii U, Italian studio Mixed Bag has been in touch to tease a reveal for the system on 28th February — with the company's history of iOS and PC download software the eShop seems a likely destination.

The official website for the company currently shows the reveal date along with a scrolling graphic featuring the Wii U — pictured above — as well as the Vita and PS4. Pleasingly Mixed Bag's projects to date seem promising, with adventure game forma.8 on iOS and Vita shooter Futuridium EP Deluxe (the basic Futuridium is available for free on PC and Mac) both looking rather slick. With the Unity engine being used by the studio it's easy to see how the Wii U could have come onto the radar, and with the GamePad's touch screen and physical controls either project could, in theory, work nicely on the system.

We'll follow up with Mixed Bag for more details, but in the meantime below are the latest videos for each project.


Futuridium EP Deluxe