Hush, little girl

The Wii U's appeal to indie developers continues, with Portuguese company Game Studio 78 being the next developer to pledge its support to the system.

The fledgling studio is currently preparing an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign for its first title, which goes by the name of Hush. The campaign goes live tomorrow, March 1st.

Here's the official press release:

In this orphanage uncommon things happen. The fears, that resemble with the fears from our childhood, get alive and Ashlyn will have to overcome them in order to escape.

To achieve this goal, Ashlyn relies on her little friend GOGO and other toy related weapons linked to our childhood. As she surpasses her fears and her journey gets deeper she will unveil the mysteries of this orphanage.

The game works as an adventure with RPG elements and enough room for action scenes but also puzzle and strategic moments.

The enemies were developed with specific fears in mind, and they can go from the usual annoying and nonstop attacking mobs to harder defying bosses that will require the most of your strategy and awareness to the game environment.

Each level corresponds to a thematic fear that reflects itself on the enemies around it.

In Hush, life was substituted by courage, and that courage will grow as you defeat your enemies. Ashlyn will rely on herself, if she is brave she can attack and defend herself more effectively, if not, she panics and looses the game. The gained courage works as experience points, it can be used to improve both her skills and her weapons, depending on each players game style.

The game’s view is isometric and we designed the whole interface and interaction so that the game can be equal for all the different platforms that we will develop for (PC/Mac, iOS, WP8, Android, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U). We intend that the player can play the same way in all platforms, being possible for him to play on the computer, save the game and continue his journey exactly from the place were he/she was in any other platform.

It certainly sounds like an interesting concept, but are you willing to lay down cash for a game from a brand-new studio with no track record? Or do you feel this is exactly the kind of project that the Wii U needs right now? Share your feelings with a comment below.