Stick It to the Man Screenshot (12)

While the Wii U may have taken some knocks recently, there's a steady stream of download developers, in particular, with games on the way or alternatively teasing future announcements. Zoink Games now falls into the latter category, having engaged in some tweeting with a fan and confirmed that it has news on the way for Nintendo's home console.

Zoink does have some limited previous experience on Nintendo hardware — the peculiar WeeWaa Plushtoy game on Wii, for one — but in recent times has perhaps been best known for the Ripstone-published Stick It To The Man, which earned an 8/10 for its PSN release over on our sister-site Push Square. As Ripstone has published Knytt Underground on the Wii U eShop, with Pure Chess on the way to both eShop stores, that seems like a reasonable bet; the publisher previously told us that it's been planning Wii U versions for multiple games.

We'll keep an eye out for further details. In the meantime below are trailers for Stick it to the Man, as well as a portfolio presentation from the official Zoink Games website.

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