Monolith Soft X

As a subsidiary of Nintendo, Monolith Soft has been involved in a number of supporting roles — including some work on A Link Between Worlds — but is best known in recent years for its outstanding Wii title Xenoblade Chronicles. It's understandable, then, that there's some hype about its Wii U project, codenamed X and due in 2014, and some new "Urgent" job postings from the company may point towards its production ramping up.

As translated by Siliconera, the developer's recruitment page seeks designers to fill the roles of Game Planner, Town Planner and Battle Algorithm Planner. While the latter two roles seem to focus on aspects such as enemy AI and environment scripts, the Game Planner role intriguingly seeks someone experienced in working with networking and online features. With an RPG there are various potential uses for online play — we'd love to imagine this open-world experience having the option of drop-in co-op and support play, for example, or even something relatively simple such as an online trading area for items. It may just be for Miiverse integration or for ideas that may or may not be in the final game; there's also the possibility it's for another project entirely, such as the mysterious Monolith Soft 3DS game or another project that the studio is supporting.

The company is also seeking Motion Designers, and logic would suggest that these posts would support the X project on Wii U. We'll find out in good time, but let's allow ourselves some fantasy — what online features would you love to see in the company's upcoming Wii U release?

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