You said WHAT

Just Dance 2014 launched at the start of October and commercials for the game have been airing recently in the UK. However, these adverts have come under fire for questionable lyrics — watch the video below and listen out around the 10 second mark:

You'll hear Nicky Minaj utter the line "My name is Onika, you can call me Nicki” from her song Starships. However, some are suggesting that she's actually saying "N*****" instead of "Onika".

GoNintendo — a site which clearly has a greater knowledge of the work of Minaj than us — is claiming that the N-Bomb isn't featured in either the clean or explicit versions of the song.

However, people have taken to Twitter to complain about the advert and the misheard lyric, which is sure to cause Nintendo and Ubisoft a headache. While this is clearly a case of people mistaking a word for something offensive, you would have thought that someone at either company would have been aware that confusion was possible, and decided against using the song.