There's set to be over 150 characters

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is set to blast onto Wii U in October in North America and 15th November in Europe, and anticipation for it is building by the day.

Developer TT Games presented it during Eurogamer Expo as part of a Q&A session with director Arthur Parsons and revealed a few new characters as well as showing off some old ones.

It features 15 specific story levels and a massive open world to explore with around 24 characters. However, it's more than just a story and the game in fact features more than 150 playable superheroes and villains - more than the developer originally intended.

For example, there are the likes of Thor, Loki, Captain America, Squirrel Girl and Howard the Duck to take control of, while a super-powered Stan Lee is also an option. The Silver Samurai from the lastest Wolverine movie is even involved.

During the presentation, Parsons revealed a few new characters such as the webslinging Carnage; the double-jumping Union Jack; Emma Frost, who can change into diamond form to deflect attacks; Iceman, who skates around freezing his foes; Whiplash, complete with electric whips; and Ms Marvel, who can fly and use energy beams.

Some of the various characters will be able to transform, for example, Curt Connors can become the Lizard and thanks to an online petition, the BigFig version of Venom will also be playable.

Parsons also confirmed that there will be a demo of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes available on "most platforms". We're not sure which just yet, but as soon as we find out we'll let you know. It's also set for the 3DS and DS, where it will be a different experience and will be given the additional moniker of Universe in Peril

Are you excited for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes? Who are you looking forward to playing as most? Let us know in the comment section below.