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UPDATE: Since this news item was written the original Indiegogo page has been removed and a new one has risen up in its place, with a lower goal of 40,000 Euros. We have updated the links to reflect this. The flexible funding option has now also been removed, meaning that NG:DEV.TEAM will only get the cash if the campaign reaches its target.

ORIGINAL STORY: NG:DEV.TEAM has a reputation for creating amazing 2D action titles, and the recent Neo Geo release Gunlord was one of the studio's finest. We asked founder Timm Hellwig if he was keen to work on Nintendo consoles last year, and he replied that the 3DS was very much on the company's radar.

Things have just become a little more interesting, with NG:DEV.TEAM launching an Indiegogo campaign to fund the development of Gunlord on both the 3DS and Wii U. The game will be a digital version distributed via each console's eShop service.

According to NG:DEV.TEAM, the cash will be used to purchase development kits, fund extra coding and the cover the cost of hiring a new artist to create additional graphics. The campaign's goal is 50,000 Euros (around $66,000 / £42,000), and because of Indiegogo's "flexible funding" option, the team will get whatever money is raised regardless of whether or not the total is achieved.

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The 3DS version will boast parallax scrolling in stereoscopic 3D, while the Wii U edition will have off-TV play and the ability to add retro-style "scan lines" to the image for that authentic old-school feel. Both will have reworked controls and difficulty levels, and will feature an expanded field of view when compared to the original game — that means a 400x240 resolution image for the 3DS and a 16:9 aspect ratio for the Wii U. As usual, a series of "supporter" rewards are included, with the most interesting being a Gunlord arcade stick for the Wii U — you've got to pledge a whopping 1,000 Euros to get that, however.

We've played Gunlord to death on the Neo Geo MVS and can confirm that it's a fine game indeed, and certainly one that 3DS and Wii U owners should get excited about. Will you be pledging your support with some cash, or do you feel that the team should be porting it under their own steam, taking into account this isn't a brand-new game? Drop a comment to tell us what you think.

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