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While sales and discounts are becoming increasingly common on the 3DS and Wii U eShop platforms, it seems that Nintendo of America has chosen 1st April, of all days, to sneak some discounts onto the eShop.

In total six games have seen a price drop, and when our man checked the details he could see no indication that these titles were on a temporary sale, which suggests they could potentially be permanent discounts. The games in question and their new prices are below.

Planet Crashers : $4.99
3D Game Collection: $4.19
3D MahJongg: $3.49
Gardenscapes: $5.59
Murder on the Titanic: $5.59
Order Up!!: $4.99

There's no official press release from Nintendo of America at this stage, so at the time of writing we're not entirely sure how long these prices will be in effect. In any case, do any of these new prices tempt you into a download?

[source gonintendo.com]