You'll soon be able to follow your favourite artists

Collecting Smiles has announced its popular artistic application Colors! 3D has finally had its major update approved by Nintendo - it will be available to download from 5th April.

The update comes with several new additions. Firstly, you'll be able to follow your favourite artists in the gallery, which will allow you to see their new paintings as soon as they're created - in a similar way to the activity feed on Miiverse.

You'll be able to search for specific paintings and there will also be a Twitter-esque hashtagging system to allow others to find your work more easily. There's going to be a filter mechanism implemented as well, which can be used to display content that has been painted without using a reference point.

The gallery itself can be spruced up a bit too, thanks to new customisation tools - you can now add a message and a profile picture. The whole thing is becoming a lot more social.

Are you looking forward to these new additions to Colors! 3D? Is there anything else you would add to it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks to Retro_on_the_go for the tip!