Even zombies wear silly hats

Ubisoft's ZombiU hype machine is well and truly underway, with some new footage just released after its debut at PAX. It's a title that, in concept and use of the GamePad if nothing else at this stage, has us rather intrigued.

The latest video takes place within Buckingham Palace, which is looking a bit rough after being taken over by hordes of hungry zombies. We see a variety of weapons in use, including a trusty cricket bat, as well as more inventory shifting and code-cracking with the Wii U GamePad. This video also shows off the scanning feature, which seems similar to the equivalent in Resident Evil Revelations; in this case the player moves the controller to scan the environment.

The video is below, but as always with this game be warned that it contains a fair bit of violence and gore. The official US box art is also included for your pleasure, which does its best to remind you that the game is set in London.