Shock-horror - a 'mature' 3DS game sells

Resident Evil Revelations certainly had plenty of build-up and hype before its release in Europe, including an extended trailer that reveals much of the storyline. It also received mainly positive reviews and avoided any troublesome save data arguments as endured by its predecessor, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.

It seems that all of the effort has been worth it, initially at least, with Capcom's latest coming in at number six in the most recent UK all-format software charts. It's the first new 3DS-exclusive title to break into the UK top 40 so far this year and one of only two in the list, with luckily numbered Mario Kart 7 still chugging along at the distinctly unlucky placing of 13th.

Not a bad start for the latest genuine survival-horror entry in the series, and maybe there's quite a few Circle Pad Pro peripherals cluttering up homes as well.