Back in August, we reported on the Japanese release of the Guilty Gear spin-off title Arc Style: Furo Jump!! Guilty Gear Gaiden!?, and if this quirky DSiWare title caught your interest then you're in luck as the game has been passed by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

Known in North America as Towel Slappin’ Pro-Jumper!, the side-scrolling platform game from Arc System Works features the little Chimaki character as he attempts to locate the secret hot springs in order to soothe his back pains. Along the way, players will encounter the game's antagonist, Rebel, who has an old score to settle with our towel-slapping hero. Here's the summary from the ESRB page:

This is a side-scrolling platformer game in which players guide a small pillow-like creature through a variety of "cartoony" hot springs. As players run and jump through levels (some depicting male characters wearing towels inside hot tubs), they defeat various turtles, frogs, and pink elephants by slapping them with a towel. Enemies disappear in brief puffs of smoke when hit, and the central character reacts to damage by blinking and falling off-screen. The names of some levels are based on innuendo and puns (e.g., Nude York, Rome Laid Bare, and Full-Frontal Fuji), and one leaflet contains text that reads, "For help with . . . un-natural male enhancement."

Wondering if this is for you? Check out the crazy Japanese announcement trailer and tell us in the comments below.