Keep your eyes on your half of the screen please

There are certain games that transcend language barriers and Sanuk Games tapped into one particular example when it launched Spot the Differences! on the Sony PSP and PS3, and then later on the Apple Apps Store. With the success it has enjoyed across the platforms, the developer has announced that the WiiWare service will soon be getting its own instalment of the popular children's game so you'd better keep your eyes peeled.

The game will feature 150 scenes, 3 difficulty levels and over 1,500 differences to find across four different themes: landscapes, pets, playtime and yummy. Gamers looking for single-player modes will be able to choose between Arcade, Select Pictures and Time Attack, but there's also a Wii-exclusive four-player mode where players can compete against each other to find the most differences.

Sanuk Games has previously brought download releases based on casual games to DSi gamers, such as Telegraph Crosswords, and Telegraph Sudoku and Kakuro, the types of puzzles commonly found in magazines and newspapers.

Stay tuned as we get word on the European release date and pricing.