It'll also let you trace over pictures of your dad

Flipnote Studio is one of the best reasons to own a DSi – endless flipbook-style animations are possible, and you only have to browse Flipnote Hatena to see the tool's potential in the hands of talented artists. If you're a fan of Flipnote, you want to look out for Inchworm Animation, on the way to DSiWare early next year.

As well as the ability to create animations in full colour and export your creations to SD in either Shockwave Flash or still BMP format, you can use the DSi's in-built camera to take snaps for time lapse or stop-motion animations. Even if you can't draw, you can still use the camera to realise your dream of an animation where Mario gets stomped on by a Goomba.

Head on over to the Inchworm Animation website to see some animations in action and head back as we bring you more news on this very promising title.