Bumblebee never could forgive Optimus for making Mario sound so spineless

Legendary voice actor Peter Cullen - who has recently lent his talents to Activision's upcoming Transformers title War for Cybertron (also known as the slightly less threatening Cybertron Adventures on Wii) was interviewed by Wired.com the other day and revealed some interesting insights into providing Nintendo's most famous mascot with a voice.

Cullen - who is an incredible 65 years of age now - played Mario in the cartoon series Saturday Supercade, which aired in 1983. Based on several different video game properties from the era - including Pitfall, Frogger and Space Ace - the show also featured segments for Nintendo's Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.

Interestingly, the voice actor who played Donkey Kong Jr. is none other than Frank Welker, who is more famous for being Optimus Prime's arch nemesis Megatron in the original Generation One Transformers cartoon show and movie.

You can listen to the entire audio interview over at Wired.com, but in the meantime here's a taster of Optimus Prime "being" Mario. Enjoy.

[source wired.com]