Everybody loves paper planes

If there's one way to get your WiiWare game on the news page of every Nintendo site going, it's clearly papercraft: last week's Bit.Trip Runner set may not have been as difficult as the game but it looks just as awesome, and now Legendo is following up with foldable paper versions of the planes from upcoming WiiWare dogfighter Pearl Harbor Trilogy - 1941: Red Sun Rising.

Taking in a P40B fighter and an A6M2 Zero Fighter, when completed the two have a charming boxy look about them, with little propellers and even a bit of advertising on the P40B to remind you about the promising WiiWare title that's on its way soon.

Have a go at the papercraft yourself and let us know how they turn out: ours look like they've been shot down already.

[source legendo.com]