Link climbs to summit of Eagle's Tower

Concluding part eight of our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough we'll finish the seventh dungeon and learn how to defeat Evil Eagle.

How To Defeat Evil Eagle - Eagle's Tower Boss (Level 7)

You should be outside in a sidescrolling area – climb the ladder and stand on the top of the Tower.

The Nightmare revealed - Evil Eagle swoops in

The Grim Creeper is here, and he’s not happy:

BAH! I’m not going to hold back!
I’m going to make you wish you were never born!

He calls the tower’s nightmare, the Evil Eagle, and jumps on its back.

Shields up against the razor sharp feathers of the Evil Eagle

The Eagle will take various diving bombs at you – jump and swing your sword at it to do damage. It will also hit you with gusts of wind while throwing razor-sharp feathers at you – put your shield up to deflect the feathers and run towards the gusts to avoid getting swept away (you will have to jump at least once to avoid falling from the tower). After enough damage is dealt the Grim Creeper laments:

My energy…gone… I…lost!
But you will be lost too, if the Wind Fish wakes!
Same as me… You…are…in…his…dream…

Hopping down to the treasure room post Nightmare fight

Head back indoors and drop off the ledge to access the newly opened door to the treasure room.

Link claims the Organ of Evening Calm

Step up to the altar and accept your seventh instrument – the Organ of Evening Calm. As its music fills the room, the screen turns white and you receive another mysterious message:

The music of the ocarina leads…

Almost there... continue our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough by Rescuing Marin and heading to Western Tal Tal Mountain Range to get to Turtle Rock before learning How To Defeat Turtle Rock Boss (Level 8).