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  • US 7th Feb 2011, 500 points


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    Not even Shawn Johnson can save this one

    Despite nearly 350 current releases on the DSiWare service, we've seen only a handful of sports titles. Now with the release of Shawn Johnson Gymnastics, Zoo Games is looking to cash in on this lack of sports titles by offering up not only a fairly well-known name in the gymnastics world, but also the first...

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Shawn Johnson Gymnastics Screenshot

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About The Game

Go for the gold with Shawn Johnson as you compete in the world of competitive gymnastics.

Stick your landings on vaults and nail your combinations on the beam to impress the judges. Start as an amateur and work your way up, earning awards on your way to the World Championships. Train diligently during practice and you'll be ready for competition in no time.

Earn your way through bronze, silver and gold medals as you evolve into an all-around star in the world of gymnastics. Perfect your routines and score high marks to earn a place on the podium - and in the hearts of your fans.