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  • US 28th Jan 2016, 200 points


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    Going off the rails

    Nintendo's DSiWare service may be in the autumn of its life now, but there are occasionally some new releases for the platform. DSiWare has never necessarily been known for playing host to terribly deep or innovative games, but there are plenty of solid pick up 'n' play experiences to be had for just a couple of bucks. Crazy...

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About The Game

Easy to learn and hard to master train puzzle game!

Crazy Train is an easy to learn and hard to master puzzle game that's a highly addictive. Put on your thinking cap because hopeless train director Lionel Steeltrack needs your help sending passenger and cargo trains to their correct stations! Don't get "sidetracked"... as you need to make sure your trains don't crash.

Just when you think you got the hang of it, the pace increases as the speed of trains and their frequency in which they enter the game field becomes fast and furious. All of a sudden... It's railroad madness!

Jump into story mode where there are four unqiue track layouts to complete. Or take part in challenge mode where the difficulty and speed is ever increasing.

With the proper concentration and practice you will become a master engineer!