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i Know what you're thinking but hear me out they could make this a great HD remake if they merge the original game with Animal Forest E+(if you don't know what that is it's the animal crossing gamecube game with new updated content in Japan only), and have all animals from that game and animal crossing animals from the american version into one game.

and more features the e+ version has:
in the e+ version:

  • you have tom nook where he can build stuff outside,
  • you can go to the island in the e+ version without the GBA (and you had to do a requirement to get to that point of unlocking it)

so what do yo think? since the franchise is soon 15, would you like to see a release of Animal Crossing from Gamecube?

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Not really much of a point. It took six months to make wind waker hd and this would probably take longer. I figure they are working on an animal crossing game for nx. The have all the character assets they need now from amiibo festival

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