Topic: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, downloadable version deletes save file after game over

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I was playing through the third stage of this game and I lost for the first time.
When I attempted to load my save file it was reset to 0% completion. (No stages beaten)
It was also glitched:

-had all 25 rainbow scales, a collectible in the game
-two full paws(health bars), double the usual starting amount

Any time I lost after that my game was reset again and I've had to resort to backing up my save file to the Save
Data Cloud whenever I think there is a chance I might lose.
Either way I lose progress. This game's auto save function is meant to prevent that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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But really, sorry for loss, I appreciate your frustration ūü§Į but I expect only the developers can possibly answer this issue fully.

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Contact your NIN support in your Region for this help. This is a NIN issue not a NL issue to resolve since that is software/hardware and that is the property of NIN support to handle.



Thank you for the suggestion. I'll try NIN.



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