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Hi All,

I’m looking to purchase a horror title with scares, a good storyline and a bit of longevity. My initial thoughts are either Layers of Fear or Outlast. Ie also been recommended Detention.

Anyone have a recommendation as to which to buy?



Layers of Fear is good if you prefer a much more "cinematic" horror experience - think of P.T. or something like Gone Home. It has a lot of artistic value put into it (literally) so I liked it a lot when I played through it, and it probably would be my pick if I were to invest into a horror game on the Switch.

Outlast probably has the most "gameplay" out of the three games you listed, it's more fast paced than either Detention or Layers of Fear and if you like the more "jump-scare" approach to horror games than psychological, then this will be the game for you. One thing to mention; do NOT buy Outlast 2. Just buy Outlast and enjoy it. The first game is miles better than the second and you will feel like you have wasted your time if you play through the sequel expecting something just as good as the first title.

Detention is the one I had the less experience with out of the three, however I know that it's a lot less in-your-face than the other two. Most of it is because it's in 2D, whilst the others are in 3D giving much less freedom for the developer to 'scare' you, but it's probably also the most psychological experience of the bunch and will make you think a lot more than the other two games.



I liked Layers of Fear and I absolutely hated Outlast.
I found Outlast’s gameplay to be more frustrating than scary.

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Couldn't get into Layers of Fear at all, too much walking simulator too little gameplay. Outlast is probably the best horror game on switch at the moment, though I agree with the commenter above that Outlast 2 isn't worth your time, don't know enough about detention to comment on that.



Resident Evil Revelations 2 has been good. I haven’t finished it yet. But I’m liking it more than the first one.



I put my vote for Resident Evil just like Silent Hill when I first played it almost made me crap my pants-not literally but close enough. Even as old as Silent Hill that still creeps me out.



Thanks for the comments! Still undecided but nice to know my reservations on each of the games hast gone unnoticed by others. I’m concerned by the ‘walking simulator’ nature of Layers of Fear, the lack of weapons on Outlast and the how I haven’t heard too much of Detention to make my mind up.

Resident Evil has crossed my mind but not sure if I will feel it is a little dated.



@ColePhelps1942 I finished Detention recently. It's absolutely fantastic in certain ways.

It has one of the most interesting and nuanced horror narratives I've seen since Silent Hill 2. The game is a wonderfully moody and atmospheric exploration of guilt, systemic oppression, and what it means to be a free individual in a totalitarian society.

On the other hand, as a horror game? It's creepy enough, but you're rarely in much actual danger, and the game is more interested in making you think than scaring you. It's also worth mentioning that, while there are some decent-ish puzzles to be had, the gameplay is... fairly limited. It's more or less an adventure game, so expect to spend the majority of the game walking around reading about objects in your environment as you click on them.

It's also pretty short. The length is perfect for the purposes of the game, but you could comfortably complete it in a single evening. It's 3 or 4 hours, tops.

The RE games on the Switch aren't dated at all. I'd recommend both, although I think the first one is a better hybrid of action and more classic RE-style survival horror gameplay. They're also longer than pretty much any other horror games on the Switch.

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Completed Layers of Fear and its DLC.
Completed Detention.
8 hours into Outlast.

As far as horror games go and wanting to be scared,there is no competition. Layers of Fear all the way. A genuinly scary experience that I will return to again due to the various different endings for both the main story and its DLC. The DLC I thoroughly enjoyed and was very different to the main story. A little more puzzle solving and very different themes. I won't spoil anything but if the part when you're up the apple tree doesn't make you uncomfortable nothing will. Even playing through the main story again makes my skin tingles and gives me that same sense of dread,albeit slightly less than the first time. You'll encounter new scenes on the way though that will scare you like the first time. So far I've put 15 hours into it, between the story, DLC and my second run through the story . I've showed off a couple of chapters to a mate making up some of that play time .One of my most memorable gaming experiences. Can't recommend it enough.

As for Resident Evil Revelations, decent games but not in the slightest bit scary. Layers of Fear make those look like an episode of Tellytubbies.

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You make a very good claim for Layers of Fear and I know you have spoken highly of it before. The amount of time it takes to complete is key for me as I feel as much as a game might be very good, if it is short-lived it doesn’t sit as well for me. Detention seems too short in my opinion, although only £10.

If they had a small sale on Layers of Fear I would be purchasing immediately. It definitely got me interested when announced.

I have found myself playing Zelda again which means I have less of a need to purchase immediately.



My brother played the Amnesia Collection very recently and he had nothing but good things to say about it! Maybe you should consider that one!

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best horror games for the Nintendo Switch are these

Resident Evil 0
Resident Evil Remake
Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil Revelations 2
Resident Evil 6
I Saw Black Clouds
Call of Cthulhu



Outlast started out kinda jump scary when I started it with some friends, but by the time it was over I knew how all the enemy types worked and was just running through as fast as I could to finish and it wasn’t really scary anymore.
Bought layers of fear since so many people on this site recommended it. In a sale I think. It had some cool moments. Scary? Not really. My roommate called it the drawer opening game when he saw me playing it. I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s got multiple endings but I have no desire to ever go back and get them. The plight of the protagonist was dumb I dunno.
I would suggest alien isolation. Especially if you like the alien universe. Played it on ps3, not switch. Really well made game that creates good stress and tension. I was more afraid playing that than outlast or layers of fear.



I'm surrprised there's no mention of Alien Isolation yet.

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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Yeah, gotta recommend Alien Isolation. I've played dit through a couple of times now, and entire sections of that game have me COWERING. Some of it is scripted, but you have some really genuine scares throughout when you're trying to avoid the Alien. And the Switch port actually really holds up.

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