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Hey guys been watching Wimbledon and it's made me hope for a decent tennis title for switch (not so much mario tennis though) as they're always games I enjoy (memories of virtua tennis). I know Wii sports was extremely basic but with the advancement in tech the joy cons bring with a new versatility (look at the ARMS thumbs up grip for example) I think the controls could be great. The triggers in that format in the right could allow for quick shot selection (i.e. Lob) while keeping the default in your left joy con to navigate the courts. Of course for handheld mode to work, motion controls would have to be optional. Perhaps sports games aren't the most popular in this community and third parties seem reluctant so far (even FIFA 18s treatment for example) but with a bit of flair and a decent online system I'd really enjoy this. Any one else?



Yes, I would love this. World tennis Tour (From the makers of Top Spin) is releasing on XBone and PS4 next year. No Switch date confirmed yet though.

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I'm still waiting for Mario Power Tennis 2 (Open, Ultra Smash, and Sports Superstars' Tennis Mode don't count...), but I'm okay with this. I remember enjoying Wii Sports' Tennis a fair bit.



@StephenYap3 the controls were a revolution at first then you just worked out you could flick your wrist like a teenager LOL. Did you ever try grand slam tennis for the Wii remote plus? Was also fairly decent. I really think the joy cons would be the next step. I even enjoy some of the touch screen titles on my iPhone. Hopefully WTT comes to switch then thanks for that info.



I'm still hoping for the return to glory for Mario sports titles like the ones on N64 or GameCube. Not this bland and NSMB-inspired garbage. My preference would be a Mario Golf game on Switch but a new Mario Tennis would be sweet, too.

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I would take a VC release (if the VC, err, gets released) of Super Tennis, a game Nintendo seems to have forgotten about completely.


I love tennis games, played loads over the years but the best one I've ever played by far is Grand Slam Tennis on Wii. It was superb. The motion controls worked great and it had a lot of depth to it. The Tiger Woods game that came out that same year was the best golf games I've ever played.I'd love to see EA take both of these to the next level with now much improved motion controls. If FIFA is a success then maybe just maybe it could happen.

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I've been wanting a new motion-controlled tennis game for quite a while now. I liked Wii Sports Club even though it was a tad basic. It was the first thing I thought of after they announced the joy-cons. Hopefully they bring that concept back for the Switch.

I preferred Virtua Tennis 2009 even though it is one of the glitchiest games I own. The controls worked great, though. The glitches were more related to the lag in doubles and some weird game engine quirks. That and the glitch in career mode that would leave you stuck at a certain rank unable to finish the story.


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I'm really looking forward to a tennis game as well. Mario Tennis would be fine, but I really want another Wii Sports tennis title, because those controls still feel great to this day.


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