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1. 64
2. Odyssey
3. Galaxy
4. Galaxy 2
5. Sunshine
6. 3D World
7. 3D Land

Love anything Zelda. Most other Ninty franchises too! Purposely vague...

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Here I go.

1st. Super Mario 64 is the most balanced and the most fun to play. A remake would prove it right now. Please do it, Nintendo.

2nd. Super Mario Sunshine. Yes, it's very difficult but it has a lot of mysteries, incredible locations, challenges, exploration and great music. I got 100%. Once.

3nd. Super Mario Galaxy 2. Same weird controls but bigger planets than the prequel and a very good level design. A great package.

4th. Super Mario 3D World. I didn't like it at first because it looked bland and silly compared to older Mario games but I re-played it to get 100% and I liked it quite much but i still prefer non-linear 3D Mario games.

5th. Super Mario Galaxy. I have two issues with the Galaxy games, one is the small planets and dizzy camera and the other is the motion controls in a platform game. It has good boss battles and some good levels but the sequel is much better.

6th. Super Mario 64 Land. I was impressed by this game although the mix of 3D and 2D sometimes fails like when jumping off poles. Some levels are smart and the 3D effect added something to the gameplay.

7th. Super Mario Odyssey. It has the smoothest animation and movement, nice visuals although not the best, a lot of costumes (what for?) and some interesting boss mechanics (I like Bowser and company more though). In my opinion, the transformations of the Galaxy games are more fun and easier to play and the level design is not good enough. The story is a sweet short ride but looking for moons is boring compared to, say, green stars in the Galaxy games. It's somewhat a Mario sandbox with complicated controls and a weird package with Sonic Adventure vibes and some dull bosses except the last one.

Note: I have played each one at launch. I got 100% on each at least once (except the moons of Odyssey), lots of times in Super Mario 64.

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@BlueOcean BOO!!! ODYSSEY AT 7? BOO!!!

Heigh Ho Heigh Ho. It’s off to work (from home) I go.


@Dogorilla Sunshine was actually the only Mario game I never 100%, it was just so rage-quit. But thank you for posting!

@BabyYoshi12 it is truly a fantastic game, and the only game that had such a huge impact on me.

@tzahn I feel like 3D world is overlooked by many people. But thank you for posting!

@BlueOcean thank you for sharing your list! I can tell SM64 has a special place in your heart. I agree that SMO is very overrated, but is still a pleasant joy to experience. Don’t worry, you’ll get that 100% on Odyssey soon 😉

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@Apportal_SMM2 No problem, as a long-time Mario (and The Legend of Zelda) fan I was happy to take part in the thread and I also liked reading all the other posts. I just checked and I have 452 moons. The moons that you can buy at the shops are a bit WTF? What's the point in getting moons like that and how many moons are obtained like that I wonder.



Apportal_SMM2 wrote:

@BlueOcean if I remember correctly, the moons at the shop are there to substitute some hard moons you can’t get. If you are a TRUE Gamer, and bought every single one, it totals up to 2000+ moons. 😬

@Apportal_SMM2 It only is 1000, I think.

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@Apportal_SMM2 I almost missed your reply because you included it in your last comment, I know you do that because of what @Eel said to you but he is just crazy and confuse people.

@BabyYoshi12 The moons that you buy are added to the normal moons you get, I assume?



Don't confuse him, he's doing great.

@Apportal_SMM2 if you want people to receive notifications about your reply, reply to all of them at the same time. Editing them in later, doesn't send a notification.

If you missed the chance to add them, or forgot, you can also repost your entire comment and delete the original. Some people do that.

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@Eel ok thank you! Now I know!

@BlueOcean The counter doesn’t go past 999, but the 98 moons you can get at each shop, (13) is 2154 moons. Not to mention you have to buy them all, which is like 120,000+ coins!


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@Apportal_SMM2 Oh, the counter doesn’t go past. I thought it was only 999. 😉

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So 2,154 minus 98x14=1,372 purchases is 782 real moons.



It’s has 880 moons and the rest you buy. I’d say there is 190 genuine moons and the rest you get by ground pounding here and there and everywhere. A bulk of them you get from peaches castle. Some you get but just think “why, why are they here”.
Great game but I didn’t find replayable unlike 64 or galaxy 2

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@1UP_MARIO Thanks. Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are real fun.



It was tough picking out what game's gonna be number one (wahoo! couldn't resist lol), and it was even tougher to sort out my top picks. I sorted my list from 7 to 1. I like all 7 of them.

7) Super Mario Sunshine

Now just because I put it on my lowest spot doesn't mean I don't like it. I like the tropical setting, it's got nice worlds to play around in, and FLUDD is fun to use. However, some of the Shine Sprites are way too frustrating to get (I'm looking at you, chucksters and blooper surfing red coins...) and I don't like how you're forced to beat Shadow Mario in every world before moving on to face Bowser. Compare that to Super Mario 64 - in that game, just as long as you've got X amount of stars, you're free to move on to the next area. A good Mario game overall, I just wish it was a tad better. I think it deserves a remaster in the style of Wind Waker HD - ironing out all the rough parts to make it more enjoyable.

6) Super Mario 3D Land

A nice, chillax kind of Mario game. Not the most memorable of Mario's adventures, but I like the return of the Tanooki Suit and there's some fun levels too.

5) Super Mario 64

I absolutely adore this game - it's a true nostalgic classic for me, and as we all know, it was groundbreaking when it was new. I enjoy many of the game's worlds (I even like exploring Peach's castle!), the sense of wonder made the game legendary, and the controls are really good for the most part. But admittedly, sometimes the game feels a bit rough around the edges, and some Power Stars can be somewhat of a drag to get. It's still an excellent game though - like Sunshine, I feel it would benefit from an HD remaster of some kind. I know there's the DS version, but honestly I didn't care for it. I prefer the N64 version for its better controls alone.

4) Super Mario 3D World

The sequel to 3D Land, and it's even better! Multiple playable characters (including Peach!), wonderfully creative levels, plenty of cool power-ups, a fabulous soundtrack... what more could I ask for? Oh and you can be a cat, too! I think I can get away with calling this game the Sonic Mania of Mario games, 2D or 3D. My only real gripe is that there's a small amount of levels that require using the touch screen. Other than that, it's truly wonderful stuff. One of Mario's best adventures IMO. This is one of the few Wii U games I'd like on Switch.

3) Super Mario Odyssey

An awesome return to the style of Super Mario 64. The worlds are a joy to explore and find Power Moons, Mario controls wonderfully, the capture mechanic with Cappy is fun to use, and once again, it's got an excellent soundtrack. The main story felt kinda short, but it makes up with the sheer amount of Power Moons and post-game content, so I was more than happy to continue the fun! I only wish the motion controls weren't tacked on (on the Pro Controller, anyway), and I could do without the missions that require certain outfits just to get moons. That's it. Excellent game regardless!

2) Super Mario Galaxy 2

Does what every good sequel does. Although it's obviously not as innovative as the first, it does expand on the foundation that the first SMG laid out. It has more great power-ups, levels, and bosses, an awesome soundtrack, and it has Yoshi! It's quite a bit more challenging than the first too. Not much else to say here, a fantastic game through and through.

1) Super Mario Galaxy

Well I narrowed it down, and looks like SMG's number one! And yeah, it deserves all the praise it gets. Amazing atmosphere, wonderful orchestrated music, nice power-ups, superb level design and bosses... it's all a massive bundle of creativity and awesomeness. It overall feels the best out of all the 3D Mario games, so it doesn't get much better than this. It also marked the debut of Rosalina, one of my favorite Mario characters.

Man, that was quite the post, lol. Again, I like all 7 of them - this is just how I listed all the games.

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1. Galaxy 2
2. Galaxy
3. Odyssey
4. 64
5. 3D World
6. Sunshine.
7. 3D Land

I feel like Odyssey 2 could maybe take the number 1 slot if they made a few improvements. A couple more worlds than the first game, including a few more big ones like New Donk City. Also need to reduce the number of moons massively so they feel more meaningful as rewards.

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1 Super Mario 64
2 Super Mario 3D World
3 Super Mario 3D Land
4 Super Mario Odyssey
5 Super Mario Sunshine

For it's time, Mario 64 revolutionized 3D platforming. Some aspects of it may not have held up, but I rank it high based on how it was during it's era, not the modern era. I probably do this because I lived through this and vividly remember playing and realizing gaming had been forever changed.
The 3D World and 3D Land games were great fun for me. It was a different take on 3D with unique levels and just fun the entire way through.
Odyssey was....I dunno, I found it uninspired, just Mario 64 in a prettier package. Which in this modern time felt lacking. They did Mario 64 already, so I guess I expected more - sprawling worlds with more to do than just them shoe-horning an obscene amount of moons to collect in the worlds.
Sunshine, I haven't played this in a very long time. I do remember enjoying FLUDD, but unfortunately I also remember some really frustrating parts, which I do not expect in main parts of a Mario game (with the super hard bonus levels akin to Champions Road that are optional being the exception. As a bonus, this can be a cool addition).

Unranked - Super Mario Galaxy 1&2
I really wasn't a fan of the Wii. I liked Wii Sports, but otherwise I didn't like the Wiimote waggle and swinging and pointing. So, I ended up not playing a lot of games released on Wii, these included. I started Galaxy, but didn't get far into it. So....I can't fairly rank these, though I feel like I should give them a chance sometime.



@MarioLover92 thank you so much for taking your time and ranking all 7! I agree with most of it, and I think the galaxy games are right where they should be. Thank you!

@Dezzy i agree with your point about Mario Odyssey. It was a truly fun game to play, but there were so many little inconsistencies that kept me away from coming back. Like, the lack of updates. We only got ONE major update, (Luigi’s Balloon World) which was interesting, but didn’t add anything to the game.

Thank you for replying! Hope you have a great day!

@Cotillion Super Mario 64 is a truly inspirational game, and I can see why you rank it a #1. The replayability was golden, and the way it was made inspired so many more games today. And don’t worry, I didn’t like the motion controls for the Wii either 😂


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7) Super Mario 64 - Revolutionary for its time, but the game has aged like milk. The slippery feel of the controls, the horrendous, empty levels, the dinky music, the schizophrenic camera... it's time to consign this to the museum where it belongs.

6) Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Inferior to the original in almost every way. The scope, charm, atmosphere, and story of the original are gone. The gorgeous observatory is replaced with some boring ship shaped like Mario's head. The level select is literally just a line with some branching paths. The space theme is largely gone, and in its place are a lot of gimmicky mechanics. Level design is less balanced between platforming and exploration.

5) Super Mario 3D Land - Definitely the best Mario game ever released on a dedicated handheld, but it feels a bit tame when compared to its Wii U successor. Still, this did a great job of pioneering a new style of Mario game.

4) Super Mario 3D World - A dizzyingly imaginative experience. Although it does a great job of being a superior local multiplayer experience, this works brilliantly as a single-player game as well. IMO, this feels like it a fuller realization of what SMG2 was going for with its inventive mechanics and tight level design.

3) Super Mario Odyssey - This has the best post-game content of any Mario game I've ever played, and, if it weren't for some of the motion gesturing nonsense, the controls and feel of the character would basically be perfect.

2) Super Mario Sunshine - This game has my favorite missions/levels in the series, I really like the way the FLUDD adds to the platforming, the setting feels consistent in a way that's wholly unique to the series, and I really appreciated the attempt to integrate in voice acting and a more story-based feel to it compared to Mario 64. And my god, this game still looks flat out gorgeous to this day. If Nintendo reworks the lily pad and pachinko levels and maybe makes the blue coins less difficult to collect, this'll easily be one of their best games.

1) Super Mario Galaxy - The peak of the Mario franchise, IMO, and probably even the peak of Nintendo's output as a company. This game is near-perfect, and I just adore everything about it: the controls, the innovative gravity mechanic, the scope of the experience, the melancholy atmosphere, the GORGEOUS music, the great balance of linearity and openness in the level design, etc. This is everything I want in a video game.

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