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So I used to own the BOTW catridge. I no longer have that cartridge, BUT I did purchase the digital version. When I downloaded the digital version of BOTW last night, did that also automatically download and install the DLC packs? Or do those packs need to be manually downloaded and installed after downloading and installing BOTW?



@synomenon When you bought the dlc with the cartridge, the dlc was saved to the console.

So now you just bought the standard botw digitally. The system still knows your Nintendo Account bought the dlc. And, the dlc never left the console. The dlc was 1 or several gigabytes.
(as long as you didn't delete your botw to make space on the console it's there.)

If you want reassurance that you don't have to re-buy the dlc, on eshop the dlc price will say "purchased. - you may have already known that part.

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DLC will still be on your Switch if you didn't specifically delete it, @Synomenon .... It certainly should let you download it again without paying if needed, too

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I forgot to mention; the Switch I have now is not the same one I played the cartridge BOTW on.

I purchased and downloaded / installed the digital BOTW last night in this new Switch.

So just to confirm; simply downloading the digital BOTW did not automatically download and install the DLC packs? I would still need to download and install those separately?



Try updating your game if you haven't, that should download everything missing from your copy including bought DLC.

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It’s as easy as visiting the eshop and looking at the dlc to see if you need to download it


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