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I know the standard price of next games are $59.99 in US. But, if the Nintendo NX will be console and mobile compatible does that mean they will sell one cartridge that is compatible for both systems? Or do you think Nintendo will hike up the price to $69.99 or release two versions console only $39.99 and mobile only for $39.99?



It'll be $70, just watch. lol

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I am just going to hope that the price stays 40-60 dollars....

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Game prices should stay the same. However, since we really don't know what the NX is it is difficult to say what price range its games should be at. If it is a portable system then $40 or $45 should be the max. If it is a home console the $60. If it is a micro-console then probably about $20.

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It will determine on the size of the game.
Wii U has retail games price at $30 - $70.

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