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As we all know, the deadline for buying points for the Wii digital shop is coming up. However, Hamster's line of Neo Geo releases on the Switch is causing a quandary for me. There are a few Neo Geo games on the Wii Virtual Console that I would like to buy, but I have no idea as to whether or not Hamster is eventually going to release improved versions on the Switch. Should I hold out for the likes of "Sengoku 3," "Robo Army," "2020 Super Baseball," and "Baseball Stars 2" on the Switch or just buy the necessary points to get them on my Wii U?

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@BulbasaurusRex Hamster plan on releasing every single Neo Geo game, licenses permitting. I'd say any game that made it to the Wii VC will likely make it to Switch. Robo Army has already been released, I have it. Super Baseball 2020 has already been announced as part of the next batch so it will be here within the next month,possibly next week. Sengoku 1 has already been released on Switch and its sequel on PS4/One & PC so it's just a matter of time until 2 and 3 comes to Switch. Hamster haven't got to Baseball Stars 2 yet but I'm sure they will.

I'd recommend sticking with the Switch release. They look great, have leaderboards High score mode and you can tinker with the settings. I've bought 25 of them so far.

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They have announced plans to release hundreds of ACA games eventually so I would assume the majority of games will eventually arrive, but that said it doesn't hurt to get some stuff that you can't get elsewhere for now on the Wii Store while you still can and it's probably a good idea.


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