Topic: Is it ok for Christians to play Bayonetta?

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So bayonetta 3 was recently announced for the Switch. As well as a port of the first one and it’s sequal. Both of these games are highly praised and reviewed and considered the best in the genre. I would like to play them when they come out but I have concerns as a Christian.

Now this isn’t goning to be a topic about weather my religious beliefs are right. I need genuine answers from other people who have struggled with the same thing.

First of all, Bayonetta fights Angels. Even though technically, in the game they aren’t “angelic” they are actually the bad guys. Second, Bayonetta is a Wicth who has made pacts with demons. Third, is the language and symbols in the game made up, or do they come from an actual devil worshipping source?

Most the time this kind of stuff doesn’t bother me and I don’t usually care. People will say “it’s just a game” but I want to make sure I’m not going to offend God or jeopardize my soul (which I personally doubt will happen) anyway thanks for the help! Goodnight

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Did you watch Evangalion? Or play any SMT. I don't see how playing a game could jeopardize your salvation. Games are pure fantasy. It's like asking is it ok to read lord of the rings or Harry Potter if you are a Christian or comics and manga or just watching tv.



You must have a low opinion of God to think a Platinum video game would offend him.

also, it's a Japanese game, so like 99% of Christian themes in Japanese entertainment, it's only there because the developers think it would be cool.

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The stories in Bayonetta are pure nonsense. They've just grabbed various bits of imagery from christianity for the most part. It's about as meaningful as Shiva appearing as an ice goddess is meaningful to Hinduism. I doubt it would bother any christians. Unless you're in that school of thought where you couldn't watch Harry Potter because it promotes witchcraft. But if you're in that school of thought, you're not gonna have much fun in general anyway.

kkslider5552000 wrote:

You must have a low opinion of God to think a Platinum video game would offend him.

You wait til you hear about this other religion I've heard of...

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If a God exists, I doubt it cares about what video games you play.

But, you know, do what makes you feel best about yourself.

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Ok this is a slippery slope, so let's stop the noise before the avalanche happens.


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