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Generally, everyone is excited for the possibility of a new Pokemon RPG coming to the switch, but with the hardware upgrade what will come with it?
I wanted to propose several ideas to the community and see how you respond. Warning I'm a big Zelda fan as well so some of these ideas will be drawn from that franchise as well so hear me out:
1. Open World:
Loose the linear pathways that the games have always taken with regards to story. Instead you could instead start out in a central town of the region and then explore out from there. geographically, there's not going to be one path through each town. Give the world more exploration to give the player the feel of a greater mission at hand.
2. Gyms/Trials Change:
This could make the gyms/trials be do able in any order similar to the A Link Between Worlds dungeon system, more freedom to the player. Granted the dungeons will have to be changed based on maybe how many Pokemon you've collected or the levels of your Pokemon to keep the gyms or trials interesting.
3. Optional Sub Plot:
I understand the tradition of having a subplot to games is a staple but this could still be saved. you could start with one encounter with that enemy team and they hint at where they're going and you can choose to follow them and the subplot of this enemy team to catch the legendary or get whatever.
4. Fellow Travelers:
Another Zelda inspired idea would be to have other fellow Pokemon trainers also traveling the world that you can talk to and/or battle. It would give the world new life and show that you're not just one Pokemon trainer traveling around. Heck, the trainers could be actual other trainers from around the world who travel around like in Festival Plaza from Gen 7.
5. Improved Environment:
We could see more better environments and environmental effects, similar to Pokemon Go, where rain allows you to encounter more water types and such, but this feature should be optional if people want defined place and time to find pokemon. Also with the environment, when you have a battle, with the hardware of the switch, make use of the existing environment instead of the loading screen and classic fight set up. I think it would make you feel more a part of the world. This idea probably should be optional but preparedness of a Pokemon trainer such as warm clothes for a cold environment. Granted, this could be distributed freely to the player through interactions or other means. Something else to make it more real is have certain Pokemon with migration patterns, we've seen similar things in the anime (Butterfree). For example, groups of Squirtles travel between bodies of water during a week or other period of time. It would make to world more believe-able instead of certain Pokemon in certain clumps of grass.
6. Dusk and Dawn:
With open world, a new day and night cycle is in order, it would be decently long but still changeable to the player. I always play in the evenings, so it was always night time when I played Sun. In a new day and night cycle, we could add camping to change time of day and possibly camping with other groups of Pokemon trainers to get new interactions with the worlds characters.
7. Trainer Groups:
Add Pokemon Groups similar to the ones of Pokemon GO, give competition to the games a bit and perhaps change interactions such as support from friendly team AI.
8. Co-op-ish:
A cool feature I'd like to see is the Co-op synced games, where the player share the same world for a period of time and travel together but interactions are independent (can't have two people become league champion). It could be even similar to Dark Souls when a person has a hard time with a battle, they can bring a friend to battle with them in a doubles battle for some amount of currency or a ticket or something, and battles faced in doubles would be limited.
9. New Features:
With gyro, we could have a sub game of snapping poke-photos. A cool idea I heard thrown out there is to be able to make your own gyms with your friends once you beat the Pokemon League. Lastly, another I've heard is that mythical are unlockable to catch, say you collect all 150 Kanto Pokemon, Mew will randomly start appearing in the area.


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I agree, for some people, they want both games for the experience, while the old notion still applies of two friends get different games to trade and battle pokemon together.

I feel stupid about the camera idea because I realized after they already had it in sun and moon

I was also thinking with DLC it would be free dlc to give you new people to battle, places to go, and pokemon to find. or even just dish out dlc region by region but a reduced price

AAA companies with games have simply made dlc a bad word because of how much they make and how much its worth.
Nintendo has been alright about their dlc, limiting it to awesome characters for mario kart and smash

Also knowing the buisness, they'd never do all these ideas on one game, they'd stretch to make as much money as possible

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