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Honestly, I wish there was a way to petition Nintendo to make Pocket Camp better. After a certain point in the game it gets boring and is ultimately used to fill lazy time in our real lives.

Nintendo is also unashamedly pushing in-game purchases and continues to do so even though this mobile game made them the least amount of money out of any of their others. And, yet, they refuse to make changes.

Well, I believe there are many changes they could make that would not only enhance gameplay for us but increase their coffers so to speak.

1.) Please let us expand our campsites. We get all of this amazing furniture from cookies, events, reissued items, and general crafting and we don't even have enough room to fit an entire set of furniture. I would even pay leaf tickets for a third square of camp land.

2.) Add in at least one more place to visit. All of the islands and hollows are great but monotonous.

3.) The cookie situation is ridiculous. Cookies should not be fifty leaf tickets. Make it thirty and we can talk. Improve the odds just a little bit and now you're talking. I absolutely refuse to spend real life money on something that is guaranteed to give me repeat items. And many other players agree with this notion. The stamp cards are a good idea but having to obtain five full stamp cards to get certain items is just as ridiculous as the overpriced cookies. Again, they are trying to corner you into paying real dollars. What i would suggest, and what would be more beneficial to Nintendo I think, would be to leave the leaf tickets but also offer the option for players to spend $1.99 on any items within those cookies. Nintendo would bank and for those who still wouldn't spend their own money they'd still have options to save up and use leaf tickets. However, if I could spend two bucks on a single item from a . cookie I probably would (I say this with shame but it's the truth). And I know many others out there would as well. Why? Because you know for a fact you are getting what you want. Instead of wasting money on fortune cookie that's going to give you more stars (Sleepy Cookie) or red spider lilies (Fiery Cookie). I don't need another plush unicorn and even if I did I don't have the camp space to do anything with them all! Like come on Nintendo. This is common sense.

4.) Honestly when I hit level 20 I expected like a few more leaf tickets? And when I hit level 50 I expected something special. I think for milestone levels they should do something. Ten leaf tickets? You joking?

5.) Better clothes. Aside from special items, the craftable clothes freaking suck. We deserve better items to craft to make our little characters look their best. After all, it's one of the main things to do in Pocket Camp.

6.) Come up with better event prizes. After I earn everything the event becomes meaningless but I still have goals to reach. Instead of new items I get the same items but in different colors.We don't need any of that. Come up with event items that runt he entire event. Otherwise, it gets boring.

7.) New bugs and fish to catch from time to time would be nice. Yeah?

I understand this is a mobile game and only so much can be done to it. This is really just a list of things that run through my mind as I play the game. And I figured I would put my ideas out there. Really, the main problem is leaf tickets and cookies. Something needs to change with that. Seriously.



There is a way. You could email or write them


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The game should never have been all disconnected into a menu to visit different areas, unlike regular animal crossing bring one map.

Pocket camp just frustrates me keep exit joining from the menu loading each area.


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