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There's been a crazy amount of pokemon and smash leaks, which are looking extremely credible. It sounds like a direct might be here within a week or two. What are you all thinking?

It looks like the next direct might reveal Geno and Doomslayer. Considering the leaks on the Mallow head gear and the doom monster head gear.



Mii costumes don't really mean anything about which characters will be announced soon. Otherwise we'd have another Sonic rep by now.

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@Toy_Link How does that make sense? We have a sonic rep (being sonic). I feel it would be kind of odd to show off a Mallow Mii hat and a Doom monster hat without a reason tied to them. Especially since Mallow is no where near as popular as Geno.



The Pokemon leaks are due to someone getting a copy really early. As for Smash, I don't think it means a Direct is incoming, or at least not a general one.

The Mallow and Cacodemon Mii hats don't necessarily mean that Geno or Doomguy will become playable, though I wouldn't be surprised if Doomguy ends up being the last of the fighter's pass characters.

I could see Mallow and maybe an updated Geno Mii costume that has the Sans treatment while Doomguy is fighter #5.

Mii costumes don't take anywhere near as long to develop as the actual fighters so the costumes scheduled to release alongside fighter #5 are probably finished.

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@Chunkboi79 I mean, we got a Goemon and Sans Mii fighter costumes without any corresponding fighter content. Having a Mallow costume alongside the Geno one coming back isn't exactly out of the question. I have a far harder time seeing a random demon showing up without Doomslayer as a character though.



@IceClimbers @link3710 Why not both though? Geno would realistically be a very unique fighter. I know that fan demand has annoyed a lot of people. However, a puppet that can shoot bullets out his fingers is really BA.

But right now with one of the mii fighter costume leaks that Papagenos covered. All of the mii fighter costumes have been pretty spot on according to this one leak (it's in his most recent video). That the mii fighter costumes will be Smithy, Mallow, and Chocobo. Leaving me to believe that Geno will probably be the final fight pass fighter.

At the moment, with Sabi being pretty confident that the last DLC fighter will not be Ryu or Doomguy leads me to believe Geno will probably be the last fighters pass character and Doomguy will lead off the next fighters pass. Also we got a Smash direct last November, it would make sense to show off a little something in addition to the Terry showcase.


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