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I was wondering if there was any place I could buy DS, SNES, and GBA games that are not counterfeit. I tried ebay and several games were fake and I bought a GBA game from gamestop and it was fake also so they just accept whatever they get. GBA and SNES seemed to be faked the most on ebay. So many GBA games are faked that it's not even worth trying. The more ds and 3ds owners I talk to the more it seems that ds and 3ds games are being faked as time goes on. You almost have to buy new unopened games to be somewhat safe. Is there a place like gamestop that screens the games they get for fakes.



I don't have too much experience buying used games due in part of what you're describing. Thankfully, I've lucked out and only ever come across one fake game (which actually belonged to one of my siblings).

In terms of stores like Gamestop that sell games secondhand, ask if you can bring in your system(s) (at least the portable handheld ones) in order to test out any used games you may be interested in. My local Gamestop, for example, allowed me to test out various used/refurbed DS Lites (Tip: Go used on game systems if you must get one secondhand) using my own games. If the store doesn't allow that, some like Gamestop still at least have a return policy of sorts.

In terms of online marketplaces like eBay, in those cases you need to look for some "warning signs". Pay attention to a seller's ratings and reviews; if there are too many negative reviews, or if there aren't many and they're all overwhelmingly "positive", I consider those as warning signs. I consider a marketplace like Amazon better since they have more rules/restrictions on buying/selling; however, Amazon likewise isn't perfect.

There are also articles and comparison images available online regarding how to spot a fake game cartridge; if a seller of a secondhand game has posted non-stock images, use these to analyze the authenticity of the game. I consider it a credibility point in the right direction if actual product images are put up, actually.

The above is only related to my experiences. It's very possible that there's a great marketplace out there, online or otherwise, that's perfect for finding authentic used games. You may be safest by finding a mom and pop store in your area that deals primarily in secondhand games; I know these don't exist everywhere (they didn't until recently where I live), but I would think stores like these would pay more attention to a game's authenticity to make sure they're not getting ripped off (unlike retail giants like Gamestop who can apparently stand to lose a few bucks when buying a fake game).

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