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AmiiBrawl is Online Amiibo Tournaments ran on Super Smash Bros for Wii U that is streamed on Twitch. We have been streaming tournaments for a while and want to let everyone know about it.

The next Tournament will be held on May 9th. This will be a standard Amiibrawl and the rules are as follows:

No Explosive Perfect Shield (EPS) Bonus
No Critical Hitter Bonus
No Little Mac Amiibo
No Item Granting Bonus
Stats must Equal 120 across Attack/Defence/Speed stats
Stages: Omega Battlefield, Regular Battlefield, and in the event of a 3rd round Omega Battlefield.
Double elimination

Thank you for your interest and if you would like to watch some past streams, check out the youtube page at or the twitch page at Also if you want more info on how to enter or any other questions, please ask us on Twitter at or email us at [email protected] Tournament Brackets can be found on challonge at . Hope to see you in future tournaments!


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