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I bought a 'new' 3DS XL (lightly used condition) for the first time, but whenever I power it on nothing happens except for the blue power light. Sometimes the backlight of the two screens and yellow the wifi light turns on, and only after I start it in safe mode and after removing and re-inserting the SD card. But that's as far as I can get. There is no sound and the console is unresponsive.

Here's the thing: it WAS working at the time of purchase. A friend of mine picked it up for me and sent me a picture with the main menu displayed and the blue + yellow lights on. It's possible they might have dropped it or something, but there's no sign of damage or loose components from what I saw.

Here's what I tried from other threads:

  • Removed and reinserted the battery
  • Turned on while plugged in.
  • Turned on via safe mode (L + R + A + UP on the d-pad)
  • Turned on, closed the console, then opened again.
  • Let the battery drain, then recharged to full.
  • Removed back casing cover and re-inserted the wifi chip following this guide (it seemed to be securely in place but I gave it a shot anyway) -

Still nothing.

What could be the problem here? I'm at a loss...



Hello,im new on this website searching for help,my 3ds went black after installing fbi luma and homebrew
Idk what to do as my sd card is format now



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