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Tue 29th September, 2009

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nintendomasterr commented on Chris Pranger From Nintendo Treehouse Discusse...:

Lies and excuses, I expected better from you Nintendo.

Small indie companies and even studio like NISA and XSeed managed to localize way more niche titles than Nintendo yearly and those companies have very small budgets compared to all the money Nintendo has.

Nintendo is just using excuses, he should have stated that priorites at Nintendo aren't for localization but not that is "hard or more complicated"



nintendomasterr commented on Review: 3D Fantasy Zone II (3DS eShop):

@Corbs Wow Corbie haven't seen you post in ages!
Where have you been? You are one of the main reasons I joined Nintendolife all those years ago. I followed you on twitter and I just checked and the last tweet was in like 2012 lol. Do you still work for Nintendolife? I don't see you listed in the staff section anymore...

I really miss your reviews though those were great.



nintendomasterr commented on Editorial: Why We Don't Plan to Provide Furthe...:

You might not cover them now but I bet in 10-20 years from now you will discuss them. Heck if it wasn't for the leaks then no one would have probably ever learned about this. I don't know about you guys but I love to know stuff like this.

I can see it now in 2026 and Nintendolife publishes an article "the Nintendo movie that never was" and have an indepth dicussion and interview with maybe someone that worked at Sony pictures all those years ago and it would be nice to read



nintendomasterr commented on Gallery: Wii U Owners React to Screenshot Remo...:


Europe Miiverse has SMT IV and SMT Soul Hackers Miiverse communities.
North America doesn't though probably because the games came out before Miiverse existed.

btw fun fact.

Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth Europe = allows screenshots
Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth North America =/= doesn't allow screenshots.



nintendomasterr commented on Gallery: Wii U Owners React to Screenshot Remo...:

I"m not a fan of Nintendo restricting an M rated game Miiverse community. They have the right to post screenshots like everyone else for the game they bought. Sure its for adults but most of the people buying the game are adults so just block the community for kids under 17 and its should be fine.

Also what is going to happen once the 3DS gets Binding of Isaac? Will that have a disabled miiverse too?



nintendomasterr commented on Gunman Clive 2 Developer Talks About a Possibl...:

I loved Gunman Clive 1 it had a lot of diversity in each level trying new things.
I though Gunman Clive 2 was ok... it should be called Antigravity Gunman 2 because it felt like that was about half the levels... I wish he would have made it more diverse like the first game and mixed things up. The 3D sections where you rode or flew stuff was also a little annoying because of the controls.

Both are good games though and will buy the 3rd one.



nintendomasterr commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Monster H...:

Never buying another Monster Hunter game ever again (last one MH3U) until I find friends that play locally irl as well. It is not fun to play MH games alone. I want to play MH locally in a room with a group of friends but none of them even own a 3ds and the few that do don't play Monster Hunter Who knows maybe one day I will be around cool gamers like the Nintendo Life staff and then I can have a fun experience



nintendomasterr commented on Copyright Owner of 'Trollface' Image Explains ...:

No one should own the copyright to Trollface that is public domain. Its part of international internet culture now and to copyright it is a "troll move"

But really its like those people that try to copyright the word LOL and the guy trying to get money for Rage faces and people trying to make money off memes and foreveralone shirts.

They are public domain regardless if you have a copyright lol you can copyright anything if it hasn't been already that doesn't mean everyone on the internet will accept it.

I remember that guy trying to copyright the word Saga in games because of Candy Crush... I guess he never heard of Square's Romancing SaGa games...



nintendomasterr commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Flirtation With Micr...:

I have a strong opinion on this.
I have already thought deep and hard about it and if Nintendo really started to go down this road and it was in all of their games... well then that is the day I would quit gaming.
I would become solely 100% RETRO gamer and play games and systems from before Nintendo went down this path.

Starting last generation with all the color swap, character, level, color, DLC that used to be ingame unlockable content, locked on disc DLC, microtransactions, Free to play games, online passes, subscriptions, accounts, online DRM etc. I felt that gaming became something I could no longer recognize and overtime I fear that it may become worse.

Nintendo always stayed fairly out of it until recently and even now its nothing compared to what Capcom, Ubisoft, EA, or Activision/Blizzard are doing.

I sure hope Nintendo always stays true to their roots and to their long time fans.



nintendomasterr commented on Video: These Are The Ten DS Games We Want To S...:

Wait you guys missed some good ones:

1) Chrono Trigger
2) Suikoden Teirkreis
3) Final Fantasy III DS
4) Final Fantasy IV DS
5) Radiant Historia
6) The World Ends with You
7) Contra 4
8) SMT Strange Journey
9) Super Mario 64 DS (way better than NSMB)
10) Megaman Zero Collection