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Tue 29th September, 2009

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nintendomasterr commented on Video: These Are The Ten DS Games We Want To S...:

Wait you guys missed some good ones:

1) Chrono Trigger
2) Suikoden Teirkreis
3) Final Fantasy III DS
4) Final Fantasy IV DS
5) Radiant Historia
6) The World Ends with You
7) Contra 4
8) SMT Strange Journey
9) Super Mario 64 DS (way better than NSMB)
10) Megaman Zero Collection



nintendomasterr commented on Zelda Gets a Makeover!:

I am a big zelda fan but I wasnt at all impressed by phantom hourglass and it seems as if spirit tracks is following in its footsteps. I really hate the fact that you can only use the stylus and I really hate toon link.
If you want to play a good handheld zelda game buy a gameboy one instead.....