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    Review Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle

    Tenkai toy, fivekai game

    Games aimed at children are an interesting beast – often you’ll find them less challenging than other games, and if it contains a plot it’s a simple, easy-to-follow romp through a colourful and engaging journey. Unfortunately, Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle doesn’t quite measure up to these expectations. The game...

  • News Robot-Battling Action Title Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle Announced For 3DS In Europe

    Pit the Knights against the Corrupted in 2D mech-fighting madness

    Bandai Namco Games Europe has announced the upcoming release of Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle for Nintendo 3DS. The game is based on the anime series and Ionix toy line currently seeing success in the US and Japanese markets; Europeans will also be getting these through Spin Master...