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  • News Could Disney's Epic Mickey Series Be Making A Comeback?

    New apparel spotted online

    The Epic Mickey series showed a lot of promise when the first game made its debut on the Nintendo Wii in 2010, but the second entry ended up being a commercial failure. Despite this, there are still many fans who would like to see this short-lived series make a comeback. With this in mind, another piece of new - yes, new...

  • News Warren Spector Thinks Disney Should "Absolutely" Be Involved In Video Game Development

    "I would've stuck it out"

    At some point throughout your gaming career, you've probably played a Disney game. One of these titles might have even been the 2010 Wii release Epic Mickey, by Junction Point Studios. The director of the first game, Warren Spector, considers this to be one of the "high points" of his career. Unfortunately, the sequel...

  • Random Warren Spector's Nintendo Switch Has A Battery Problem

    "Not being able to play is driving me nuts"

    If you owned a Nintendo Wii during its prime, you might remember Disney’s Epic Mickey games. Warren Spector was the director of the original entry and considers it to be one of the “high points” of his illustrious career. Apart from this, he’s also helped created games like System Shock, Ultima,...

  • News Epic Mickey Was One Of The High Points Of My Career, Says Warren Spector

    "Screw Metacritic. Screw everybody. I'm really proud of that game"

    Warren Spector is treated like a legend by many gamers, and with valid reason; he's been involved with some of the most influential and acclaimed games of the past few decades and can count System Shock, Ultima, Wing Commander, Deus Ex and Thief among his credits. However,...

  • News Warren Spector Hints At Epic Mickey 3

    Would also like to work with other Disney characters

    Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is out right now on Wii and Wii U. The game sees you painting your way through several Disney-esque levels with Mickey and his pal Oswald and is designed with two players in mind. In an interview with Red Bull, Warren Spector, the man behind Epic Mickey, has hinted...

  • News Warren Spector Defends Mickey's Maligned Camera System

    Everybody makes mistakes

    Junction Point's Disney Epic Mickey is finally out and racking up some favourable reviews, but one bugbear appears in the majority of reviews: the camera system, which has drawn the criticism of many. Not studio head Warren Spector, though: he's proud of his team's accomplishment. Speaking to Eurogamer, Spector claims: It...

  • News Disney Epic Mickey Intro Video - Part 2

    Mickey finds his weapon of choice

    Well the Disney Epic Mickey train is rolling along at full steam now and the folks over at Disney Interactive have just sent over Part 2 of their Intro series of videos for everyone to check out. You can check out the newest Intro video below and if you somehow missed it, you can go back and check out the first one...

  • News Epic Mickey Gets Collectable with Special Edition

    With a figure, DVD and Remote faceplate

    With so much interest in Disney Epic Mickey it's no surprise Disney wants to offer fans something more than the standard vanilla release, which is why it's put together a Collector's Edition for the forthcoming mouse outing. Inside the special packaging sits a 5" vinyl figure of Mickey wielding his...

  • News Epic Mickey Cinematic Intro is Suitably Cinematic

    In a world where one mouse can make a difference...

    Are we tired of Disney Epic Mickey yet? No, we're not. Although Nintendo's latest release schedule didn't pin down the mouse for a solid release date, this first part of the game's introductory movie should take out the sting a little. Showing the mouse in full mischief mode, the video shows how...

  • News Epic Mickey Paintbrush Controller and Charging Station

    PDP gets into the Epic Mickey spirit

    For those looking to get a little more into the Mickey spirit when they sit down to play Disney's upcoming Wii release Epic Mickey, PDP has just the item for you. Performance Designed Products has created an Epic Mickey-themed Wii Remote Charge Station and an Epic Mickey Paintbrush controller to launch right alongside the game. Now you can swing your paintbrush..

  • E3 2010 The First Coat of Epic Mickey Game Details

    Get ready to paint the town epic. Updated with trailer

    E3 2010 might be remembered for the big names associated with Nintendo but let's not forget another big player in the company-mascot game. Ever since its initial announcement, the return of Mickey Mouse has been the source of anticipation and intrigue thanks in part to the apparent darker direction that the game will be taking. Epic Mickey was..

  • News Epic Mickey May Get a New Lick of Paint at E3

    Rumours suggest graphics could change

    It's been a few months since we last heard anything about Epic Mickey, the Warren Spector-led reinvention of the little mouse, but apparently that's for good reason. According to the latest Internet rumours, we could be seeing a very different Mickey emerge at E3 this month. Whilst the original artwork showed off a dark, lean look, the first screenshots had a..

  • News More Epic Mickey Details: Inspired by Mario and Zelda

    Also includes a dash of Okami and a pinch of Deus Ex

    Epic Mickey was announced back in November but information has been a bit scarce until now. Game Informer had an in-depth preview in the US but details were for their readers' eyes only, but the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine recently got a chance to look at this game and kindly shared their thoughts. Warren Spector is a big Disney fan, but as..